Introduction to Sea Cucumber

What are Sea Cucumbers?

  • Sea cucumbers (also known as 海参 in chinese) are echinoderms from the class Holothuroidea.
  • Sea cucumber are marine animals found on the sea bed in many parts of the world.
  • There are many different species of sea cucumber with the greatest number being in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Many of these sea cucumbers are gathered for human consumption and some species are cultivated in aquaculture systems.
  • The species of Sea Cucumber we distribute are Golden Sandfish(金秃参), Sandfish(文秃参), Stonefish(乌元参), Black Teat(猪婆参) and Pricky(刺参).

Sea Cucumber as a Seafood Delicacy

  • Literal translation of 海参 means "ocean ginseng" or "ginseng of the sea" because of it's therapeutic effect, which is comparable to the ground ginseng.
  • To the Chinese, sea cucumber is considered as one of the Eight Delicacies from the sea, together with scallop, sharkfins, abalone, fish bladder, fish lips, caviar and bird nest.
  • Sea cucumber is a delicacy that has many healing properties.
  • Chinese like to enjoy this delicacy especially on festive occasions. Same as abalone and shark's fin, sea cucumber is a main dish fit to impress guests at dinner.
  • For the Cantonese people, it is auspicious because of it's phonetically similarity to 開心 (kāixīn), which means "happiness".
  • Sea cucumbers are usually braised in sauce and served as one of the main dishes in a course. It can also be added with other ingredients to make a healing soup.

How to select Sea Cucumber?

  • Dried sea cucumbers should be more than 95% dried.
  • Prices vary depending mainly on the origin/species, quality, rarity, and size or weight.
  • In New Island, the species of Dried Sea Cucumber we distribute are Golden Sand Fish, Sand Fish, Stone Fish, Black Teat and Pricky.
  • For soups, we recommend using sea cucumber with thicker "meat". Thin "meat" sea cucumbers may break down completely when boiled for extended period of time. If you are unsure which to choose, just ask one of our sales staff for recommendations - we are always happy to help!
  • Quick frozen reconstituted dried sea cucumbers in the freezer aisle are good alternatives because it has already been cleaned and boiled and are ready to be consumed. However, you will lose some firmness and flavor compared to dried sea cucumber from the preservatives.

Health Benefits of Sea Cucumber

  • Sea cucumber is very nutritious. It has high nutritional values due to presence of up to 50 types of essential nutritional elements, trace elements or micro-nutrients and organic compounds.
  • These include a high content of protein, low in fat, iodine, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese, chondroitin sulfate, saponins, vitamins like vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin etc.
  • Traditional medicine considers it especially good for those with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hepatitis.
  • It is also a general good health food for the elderly.

Our Range of Sea Cucumber

Golden Sandfish (金秃参)

Golden Sandfish (金秃参)

Prickyl (刺参)

Prickly (刺参)

Disco Sea Cucmber

Golden Sand & Sand Fish

Sand Fish Sea Cucumber

Sandfish (文秃参)

White Teat

White Teat

Lolly Fish Sea Cucumber

Stonefish  Sea Cucumber

Stonefish (乌元参)

Round Sea Cucumber

Stone Fish

Black Teat Sea Cucumber

Black Teat (猪婆参)

Babe Curry Fish

White Teat

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